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Well, after a last game collapse by Carolina, then Chicago, then Dallas the playoffs are set. Time for predictions! QUARTERFINALS WASHINGTON over NY Rangers in 6 BUFFALO over Philadelphia in 7 BOSTON over Montreal in 6 TAMPA BAY over Pittsburgh in 7 VANCOUVER over Chicago in 5 SAN JOSE over Los Angeles in 6 DETROIT over Phoenix in 7 ANAHEIM over Nashville in 6 SEMI-FINALS BUFFALO... Read More »

Stanley Cup contenders

Posted April 5, 2011
Who is the favorite to win it all this year? In the last 5 years the cup has been raised by, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Anaheim, and Carolina. What do all these teams have in common? Defense: GA (reg season) for these teams ranged from 184(Detroit) to 260(Carolina) Offense: GF (reg season) for these teams ranged from 257(Detroit) to 294(Carolina) With the exception of Pittsburgh a... Read More »
Does Tim Connolly deserve a contract extension? I am pretty sure that there are few Sabres fans that believe Timmy is worth the $4,500,000 we are paying him for his 36 pts this season. So if he is not worth that much money how much is he worth? Using player stats collected before last nights games I compared other centers in the league that have within 7pts(20%) of Connolly and are within 10gp of... Read More »

Who is the best goalie?

Posted March 29, 2011
There is a lot of differences of opinion on who the best goalies in the league are from year to year. I dug deep into the numbers to see who the cream of the crop really has been over the last 5 years. Most of these will be expected but there may be a couple that surprise some. I pulled the stats for GAA and SV% for the last 5 years and averaged out their numbers to find the top 8 goalies in recen... Read More »
For comparisons to the rest of the league I took the highest scoring center on each team for a total pool of 30 rather than the top 30 highest scoring centers in the league. So how does Derek Roy stack up? 14G t11th 24A t11th 38pts t8th +2 t18th 21:45/g 4th 49.7%fo 19th 20PIM 20th 43Giveaways 29th 25Takeaways t15th So in 5 categories he is in the top half and in 4 he is in t... Read More »


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