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Montreal, QC • Canada • 28 Years Old • Male


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About Me

Favorite Teams

Montreal cause it's the Habs. Pittsburgh cause they seem to find saviors every decade or so. Calgary and Edmonton cause it's Canadian history. Colorado cause they used to be the Nordiques.

Most Hated Teams

Toronto and Boston cause... well... I have to. Tampa Bay cause it's one of they worst management teams in the league.

Favorite Players

Alex Kovalev Was always a fan. Koivu This guy battle through so much bad luck and is a great example on a young team.

Most Hated Players

Tucker, Too many cheap shots to the head. Avery, way overrated.

Best Hockey Memories

Feb 2008 comeback from 0-5 to 6-5 that I watched live (and I know 4 people who stopped watching at 0-5 and missed an absolutely magic moment.