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Canucks: Decisions, Decisions

Posted February 8, 2009
That was the worst slump I've seen in a while for a team boasting that much talent. Like it or not, the Canucks are no NHL powerhouse, but they are a team with plenty of good players including 4 superstars, half a dozen excellent players and a handful of possible future superstars. When a team like that goes off the rails the speculation starts flying. The coach takes the brunt of the mudslin... Read More »

Canucks: After Week Seven

Posted November 24, 2008
It's the Quarter Pole and we're 25% through the season. Week seven saw the Canucks do what they did in November last year: win. The Canucks are now 7-0-2 in their last 9 including a drubbing of New York and Luongo's annual November shut-out streak. From an organizational perspective, the Canucks are emerging as an exciting well rounded contender. They are not in the Elite leagues of Detr... Read More »
Good god it feels great to see the Canucks on a winning streak. With gas in the tank, goals and a stingy offense the Canucks have been fun to watch and fun to follow. But remembering again why I'm an armchair GM, one must always be looking to the future. It is certain that GM MG has been kicking plenty of tires, more so, it seems, than his predecessors. What's more interesting to me, is th... Read More »

Canucks: After Week Five

Posted November 9, 2008
It's looking like another November to remember for Canucks fans as the team has won 5 of its last 6, including a 3 win/shutout streak and sit atop the NorthWest division. After looking great in the first week, the Nuck's settled into a lovely groove of mediocrity and were playing .500 hockey. Luongo looked mortal, special teams were on and off and the Sedins had gone cold. The Canucks were... Read More »

Canucks: Staying Balanced

Posted November 2, 2008
While bloggers galore attempt to understand what kind of team the Canucks are this season, I'd like to weigh in on a positive note that has been overlooked to date. As many will attest to, the Canucks lacked 2 scoring lines last year. The 3rd line did well and the Sedin's did what they've been doing for 3 years, but the contributions from the other lines and the defense was less than stellar a... Read More »


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