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Raleigh, NC • 41 Years Old • Male
No matter what anyone tells you, you can never fully be prepared for taking care of an infant. My daughter is now 5 ½ weeks old, and as a result, I am sleep deprived, nerves are ragged and I feel like I could snap at any moment, but the good news is I am watching a ton of hockey (while flipping between the damn Yankees proving that they should have bought some pitching in the offseason) and have... Read More »

Playing with Expectations

Posted April 17, 2007
One of the things that I always look for in the NHL playoffs is how teams play with the expectations leveled on them. Do the top point getters continue with the style of play that got them into the position they are in, or do they grip their sticks a bit tighter, when they get down a goal? Do the teams that snuck their way in, who may consider themselves to be playing with house money, play fast... Read More »
I have been a fan of sports for a long time, and I have seen my share of bandwagon fans…but outside the current day red sox (they couldn’t get a guy without a boston accent to admit they were a fan until they won…now some chucklehead in Indiana is proclaiming himself a lifelong fan, yet cant remember a manager prior to Francona), nothing touches the current day Sabres fan… Now let me fi... Read More »

Moose starting game 2???

Posted April 13, 2007
Wow...that was a short string Lehtonen was on....It doesnt matter though as Atlanta's defense isnt good enough to beat the rangers in a 7 game series unless Brodeur was in net. You cant go goal for goal with your opponent in the post season like you can in the regular season (not to mention shootouts arent there to bail you out either)... Read More »
God I love playoff hockey. Right before the playoffs started, my wife gave birth to our first child, a baby daughter named Abby (actually went into labor at the Canes vs. Caps game…I am guessing Abby was a bit annoyed at Johnny Grahame for letting in 3 goals on 6 shots, and wanted to give him a piece of her mind)…well, those that have kids know that the sleep is sporadic and hard to come by�... Read More »