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Avs' Goalie Options (Part 1)

Posted February 17, 2009
First, let's give the Avs some credit for the last two games against the Habs and the Wings. They played very well in both games, and both games were entertaining as hell. Can't ask for much more than that. Frustrating end to the Habs game as the Avs allow another late goal to lose (if you are still hoping for wins, I am not), but they seriously outplayed Montreal most of the game and truly dom... Read More »

Avs Drop A Pair

Posted February 12, 2009
With two more losses the Avs have cemented the fact that they are not making the playoffs this spring. They are all but mathematically elminated. They have the lowest points percentage in the West. They sit 24th in the league in points with several teams just below them having one or more games in hand. At what point is it ok for Avs fans to begin openly pulling for this team to lose to impr... Read More »

Avs Win, Lose; Is There a Draw?

Posted February 9, 2009
Avs win a nice game Thursday night against Dallas, coming up with a goal late in the third to win. Unfortunately, the good vibes from Thursday were erased by yet another steaming pile of a game on Saturday in St. Louis. Some absolutely horrific defensive lapses in the second period put the Avs on their heels and they simply couldn't recover. Not only did they lose, but the Avs didn't even put u... Read More »

Avs Win, Little Solace

Posted February 3, 2009
The Avs were able to win an entertaining game against Calgary last night, but it means little after the disaster that has been the previous 8 games. The Avs have won only 2 of their last 9 games, 7 of those were at home. It's tempting to look at the standings right now, see the Avs only 4 pts behind three teams tied in the 6 thru 8 spots, and think that the Avs are right back in this thing. But... Read More »

Avs Season Circling Drain?

Posted January 29, 2009
With 40 games remaining in the season, I suggested that the Avs should consider this remainder in 10 game increments. I also stated that in order to secure a playoff spot, the Avs would need to play .650 hockey, getting 13 pts out of each 10 game set. Well since then, the Avs dropped games at Columbus and at St. Louis along with home games vs. the Oilers, Kings and Sharks while winning only once... Read More »

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