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Ok we all know who were talking about! How does a coach make that call at that time, in that game, when it mattered most? Did he have some inside info? If so I hope you fired that guy! If not, you're fired! I am sick of seeing great players die under this mans poor strategies and lack of foresight! And I'm even more sick of seeing other players flourishing under the helm of another coach! This... Read More »

Ovechkin ain't enough.

Posted March 31, 2009
The Washington Capitals currently sit atop the southeast division with 99 points. Alexander Ovechkin currently sits 2nd among NHL scoring leaders with 100 points and is the leagues top goal scorer with 53 goals. Mike Green is the leagues top defenseman with 67 points and is tied for 4th in the league in power play goals with 16. Both Ovechkin and Green sit #1 and #2 on TSN’s player rankings wi... Read More »

If not Mac T then who??

Posted February 10, 2009
It seems like the latest fad in Edmonton these days is ripping on Mac T. Fans, and people within the media themselves, are all looking to incarcerate Mac T but few really have a replacement in mind. They just know that "he needs to go!" and I agree. I think its time to shake it up! Bring in a new system, preferably one that encourages hitting on a game to game basis,(and that means EVERYON... Read More »

If I was GM of the Oilers....

Posted February 3, 2009
If I was GM of the Oilers, first after I finished wrapping my mind around the absurd amount of money being payed to 2nd line players and third rate checkers, I would have no choice but to succumb to the heavy workload forced on me by the previous neglectful administration before. Steve Tambelinni has inherited a franchise battered worse then the U.S governments credibility on the world stage after... Read More »

All I want for X-mas is a lump of Cole

Posted December 16, 2008
Ok I lied thats not ALL I want for christmas but it ranks up there with a new LCD TV (playing Nhl 09 on a regular flat screen TV does not do it justice!) and some new black socks (maybe the best xmas present ever!) Normally a lump of coal is the last thing any wide eyed child wants on Christmas morning but I am breaking away from tradition and am asking for piles and piles of COALS that come in th... Read More »


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Edmonton Oilers,Washington Capitals,Boston Bruins

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Calgary Flames, Dallas Stars, Carolin Hurricanes

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Ales Hemsky, Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin

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Sean Avery, Derian Hatcher, Mike Modano, and every Calgary Flames player in history.

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1996 playoff win over Dallas, 05/06 cup run, 02 Mens and Womens Olympic Gold medals,

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too poor to play on a team haha Just beer leagues!

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Penner, just not as huge