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Hits to the Head

Posted March 10, 2010
I haven't seen the Matt Cooke hit and I don't care to. This blog is not about whether or not it was a clean hit. With that out of the way what I have seen is a lot of people commenting about how dirty the hit was. What I want to know is how many people would be saying that if Savard had stood back up and skated away. I bet most would ignore it. It's just a fact of our lives that we see someone... Read More »

Random Ranting

Posted January 18, 2010
Some things have happened in the hockey world lately that have done nothing but get me extremely upset. Since it's pouring rain here in California today I've decided it's the perfect time to get them off my chest. Laser Pointers - By now everyone has heard of the laser pointer incident involving the Vancouver Canucks. I agree with Brent Sutter's assessment that there is no reason the security s... Read More »

Olympic Rosters, Part 2

Posted January 2, 2010
So we finally have all 12 rosters for the Olympics. Below is my opinion of the rosters that were announced Dec. 30 and Jan. 1. Switzerland The Swiss will not win a medal unless they really get going offensively. The other teams have just too much skill and certainly plenty of will to match. The strength of this team will be goaltending, which means they could upset someone's chances for Gold... Read More »

Olympic Rosters Announced, Part 1

Posted December 29, 2009
Six of twelve participating countries have announced their rosters, five more (including Canada) will be announced tomorrow (Dec. 30) with the lone holdout being Team USA which will announce during the Winter Classic on Jan. 1. With that in mind here is my take on the rosters so far: [b]Latvia[/b] This will be a team to watch. They probably won't win a medal, but they are setup to push some... Read More »
San Jose Sharks fans learned last year exactly why you don't want to win the President's Trophy (unless you're the Red Wings). Since the trophy's inception in the 1980s, no team has won a Stanley Cup in the same season as earning the President's Trophy for the first time in franchise history. Good news for Sharks fans, only one team has failed to win the Cup in the same season as it's second Presi... Read More »

About Me

Favorite Teams

Pittsburgh Penguins, San Jose Sharks, Minnesota Wild, Atlanta Thrashers

Most Hated Teams

Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Capitals, Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings, Detroit Red Wings, NY Rangers, Florida Panthers, New Jersey Devils, NY Islanders

Best Hockey Memories

Playing outdoor hockey in -25 degree weather and not feeling cold at all; playing for the city championship in roller hockey with a broken nose and still going 4-for-4 on faceoffs and getting the hat trick;

As a hockey player, I compare to...

Dan Boyle - I may not have his moves, but I definitely think and see the game the same way.