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I simply do not understand........

Posted March 19, 2009
I just can’t figure the Sabres out. 13 shots? A 2-0 lead turns into a 4-2 loss? I think what disturbed me more than anything was watching this team suddenly decide with about two minutes left and a 4-2 deficit that it was time to play desperate hockey. This team apparently has no heart or leadership - I can’t imagine how they can seem as disinterested as they have the last couple of weeks.... Read More »
Obviously not literally......but it kind of feels that way. This Sabres team that looked to have found themselves last week in wins over the Canadiens and Coyotes has looked nothing like a playoff team in the last two outings. They've fallen to four points out of eighth place, currently held by tonight's opponent, the Florida Panthers. And with each of the teams ahead of them in action tonigh... Read More »
I fail to understand how a team with its collective backs against the wall can show as little interest in competing as they did tonight. After their loss at Ottawa on Saturday, where they may have executed poorly but at least battled throughout the game, one would think they would come out fired up for a must win game tonight. And yet, it looked like the Sabres were playing a preseason game.... Read More »

Hate......such a strong word........

Posted March 10, 2009
And yet, so accurate. I freaking HATE the Flyers. This isn't your garden-variety hate, like your 8 year old who hates peas. It's a deep-seated hatred, as in when the Flyers plane crashes at the end of my block on their way out of Buffalo, I immediately run down to the end of my block to: A....make sure it really happened, and B.....dance on the wreckage. And yet, with the way the stand... Read More »

Who'd of thunk it?

Posted March 7, 2009
Miller who? Of course, I say that facetiously. Ryan Miller is the key to the Sabres hopes if they can pull it together to get into the playoffs. But who would have expected Patrick Lalime to step up the way he has in Miller's absence? He's done exactly what you want from your backup goaltender - step in and give your team a chance to win every single night he plays. In his last two vs.... Read More »


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About Me

Favorite Teams

Buffalo Sabres, of course. I also have a lot of respect for the way the Detroit Red Wings organization runs.

Most Hated Teams

The Flyers. Duh.

Favorite Players

Favorite current players are Ryan Clowe of the San Jose Sharks and Alex Ovechkin and Mike Green of the Capitals. Ovechkin is the one player that will make me watch a game no matter who the Caps are playing. My all-time fave is Mike Foligno. My nose even looks like his.

Most Hated Players

Chris Neil, Todd Bertuzzi, Cam Janssens, and the other animals whose solitary goal it is to decapitate opponents with cheap shots.

Best Hockey Memories

I was 11, and had been to a couple of Sabres games in the old Memorial Auditorium, sitting in either the blues or oranges. A friend of mine told me he had tickets for that night's game, and his dad would drive us back and forth. He didn't tell me where the seats were until we got there.........second row of the Lower Golds, directly behind the bench. I've never enjoyed a game more than that night - it really cemented my love of the sport!

Favorite HockeyBuzz Bloggers

GARTH, of course, being the Sabres blogger. I also like Andy Strickland - he's very knowledgeable and straightforward with his posts.

Favorite Websites

This one, and NHL.com. Can't get enough hockey news and talk. Also, www.hockey-sense.today.com (I may be a little biased, of course, since it's my own site.)