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Trends come and go but.........

Posted December 2, 2008
others never seem to change. Heading into the Flyers-Lightning game tonight you can start to see trends in the NHL with certain teams. The Flyers trend, dating back through 1st season in the "New NHL", it has been the streaks. They play hard and well defensively for 5-8 games and poorly for the same amount. Last season a hot streak brought the team to first in the NHL, then they proceeded to l... Read More »

Ready or not, here comes the...

Posted May 4, 2008
It's the playoff series the Flyers fans and possibly the players have wanted since the end of the Regular Season. As we all remember back to that final Sunday game in Philadelphia where some media and players insinuated that the Pens threw the game to take the easy route to the Eastern Conference Finals. I would actually have cheered for this if I was a Pens fan, calling it a smart decision beca... Read More »

Is a Champion Falling?

Posted April 13, 2008
I sit here writing this just after the Stars have taken control of their series with the Ducks. Now the series is a long way form being over but it is starting to look bleak for the defending Stanley Cup Champions. After being outscored 9-2 at home in the first two games, one would tend to think that going to Dallas does not bode well for this team. But that may also be what the doctor order.... Read More »

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