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Draft - Oilers Edition

Posted June 6, 2019
The draft can not get here soon enough. Mostly as it should be the start of Holland fixing the Oilers. I can say this with certainty because they can't get anymore broken. Also the draft's arrival will stop sites like TSN.ca claiming that Kakko is "closing the gap" on Hughes. There is no actual gap. NJ is picking one player and that is going to be Hughes. Are they looking at others? Sure, j... Read More »

Oilers Rebuild Might be Cancelled

Posted March 29, 2019
Peter Chiarelli left the Oilers in terrible shape when he was fired as GM however the team is not far off of a playoff spot this year. I don't like the Oilers odds of making the playoffs but they are still competing with really only 3 good players and some filler. Still we know this and I will get to the point. The future might not be as dark as it looks for the Oilers next two seasons. The... Read More »

Oilers Pre-Draft

Posted June 15, 2018
What we know for sure. Chiarelli is shopping the first round pick and he has also said that improving the blue line is his main goal. Actually he claimed they needed "tweaking" but that was the only thing he mentioned other than the players need to play better. He is not wrong. Oilers need Talbot, Klefbom, Larsson, Lucic and Sekeras to simply be better. I would say we need Russel to to be b... Read More »

How to Fix the Oilers

Posted March 23, 2018
Seems to be a popular title around the web. It seems rather obvious but many people go near the correct answer. It is three steps much easier said than done. I will go hardest to easiest. 1. Dump the players Chiarelli has signed as UFA's 2. Grab key UFA's 3. Dump Chiarelli (McLellan should go to if they want a cup but he can get them to the playoffs) The first one is the toughest. Luci... Read More »

Head Must Roll!

Posted March 9, 2018
I was listening to Oilers Now on 630 Ched on Tuesday. Normally a great show but this one was brutul. They were talking about how some fans want to see heads roll after a season like this. Bob Nicholson was on the NHL Network saying how this season is part of their building process. To be honest, I question anyone that keeps Chiarelli at this point but Bob is untouchable and has done some great... Read More »


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