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Carey Price: From Hero to Zero

Posted September 1, 2010
I really don't understand where all the hate for Price comes from. It's always the same story in Montreal, a youngster comes up, he's the savior (i.e. Jesus Price) and after 2 years he's nothing, a piece of garbage, a bust (Latendresse, Pacioretty, D'agostini, Price, McDonagh). What's going to happen if ever Subban has a bad season?! Young players (especially goalies and defensemen) take a lon... Read More »
''Its a blindfold kick back type of a game Called the Kansas City Shuffle Whereas you look left and they fall right Into the Kansas City Shuffle Its a they-think you-think you don't know Type of Kansas City hustle Where you take your time Wait your turn And hang them up, and out to dry'' It was just last night that I was watching the movie [i]Lucky Number Slevin[/i] which is based on th... Read More »


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