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It is my belief that the Leafs will not be trading up in this draft. The teams in front of them are just too desperate to get a highly touted prospect... The Islanders will go for the option of selling tickets before looking for the future of the franchise, and Tavares will probably go first... Even though to me, it looks like Duchene and Hedman look like they will develop into better players than... Read More »

Woo for Blogs!

Posted June 11, 2009
Hi! I'm Will! I love hockey! There's an introduction to me. I'm pretty awesome. So yeah. Oh, and check out my youtube channel! www.youtube.com/willytheleaf Thanks all! I'll be writing here as draft day comes closer, and what I think the league, and the Leafs should do! Yay! Read More »


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Favorite Teams

Go Leafs! Go Hamilton! (I mean... Phoenix.)Go JYP, HPK and MODO!

Most Hated Teams

Uhmmmmm Wings, Sens, Flyers, and Sean Avery.

Favorite Players

There are many. But I love Toews. But there are many many others.

Most Hated Players

Downie, Avery, the usual suspects... Oh and Marian Hossa

Best Hockey Memories

The Leafs' Cup run in '02, and the Wings repeating way back in the day with Stevie Y and crew.

As a hockey player, I compare to...

I would say a Mark Stuart. Stay at home, guard the goaltender. Bing bong kaboosh.