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approximately 2 days from now we'll know who the Leafs drafted with their first round selection. I have all the faith in Burkie (hence my Burke leafs jersey I purchased before he was announced as GM/President) but I do think he has a very tough task to complete in Montreal. For Starters with all the media attention he has received over his stay up until now I can surely see it back firing on... Read More »


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Favorite Teams

jersey. Yes you might say i'm a typical Leafs supporter and that suits me fine.. When you talk to me about hockey you'll see how much I know about every team.. I love all the Teams in the NHL because lets face it without all the other teams I wouldn't have the oppurtunity to love a sport as much as I do Hockey.. So thank you to each and every one of you for having the gusto to stand up and stand behind your team! The NHL gods love ya for it!!

Most Hated Teams

I dislike the New York Rangers. I hope they never make the playoffs again =]I must say though I respect their coach, Torts is one of a kind and he'll bring them to the finals sooner than later much to my displeasure of course.

Favorite Players

game that concluded the week long camp. Good on ya Brendan! You'll always be my favorite player of all time.

Most Hated Players

I only hate on players for a small period of time, usually after they make a retarded play that endangers a fellow players well being. At this very moment the player I dislike the most has to be Jarko Ruutu. Stepping on a players foot is inexcusable and it sickens me to think a human being would stoop to such a low level to exact revenge. There's no room for belligerent actions out there because our sport is dangerous enough as it is.

Best Hockey Memories

I was 9 i think when i bare witness to Dougie Gilmore's heroic wrap around goal against Cujo and Blues in the 2nd round of the 92-93 playoffs! Amazing!

My Hockey Teams

I have played for teams all over TorontoPort Credit HuronsCooksville NajavoHumber Valley SharksMississauga HornetsBelle River Canadiens

As a hockey player, I compare to...

I play with alot of energy and speed. I can play every position and I pass the puck more often then not. I compare myself to a mix of Chris Draper and Adam OatesWeird mix but yeah that about sums my skill set

Favorite HockeyBuzz Bloggers

Kevin GibsonMike Augellothere are a ton more as i remember i'll add em in

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