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Alright, time to get some frustrations of mine off my mind. I've been browsing around the Canadiens' facebook groups recently, and I've been noticing people bashing #84. The arguments about him is that he has not improved in three NHL seasons thus far. Um, last time I checked he was 22 years old, with size and plenty of upside. Give the guy time. Patience seems to be something that my fello... Read More »
Well, this is my first "blog" on MyHockeyBuzz, so bare with me. So for my first blog, I want to talk about what Mr. Gainey has done so far this off season. The first day of free agency (as well as the day before) Gainey went on a spending spree improving this hockey team. There are some that believe that Gainey "overpaid" for the players that he brought in. But, when you are in a market like... Read More »


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