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A Sense of Optimism...

Posted July 25, 2009
So maybe the Montreal Canadiens will not win the Stanley Cup this year, and maybe not for a while, but it certainly has been an interesting off-season. The more I look at this new, revamped roster, the more I try to forget the anger I felt for Bob on June 30, when I found out that he had mortgaged our future to acquire an overpaid, small centerman to replace the beloved Saku Koivu. It didn’t bec... Read More »
Blog #3, maybe this one will actually appear on ‘myhockeybuzz’ or on Eric Engals’ page! Basically, I am here to continue my unfortunate stream of pessamistic emails, and to tell you exactly why I believe that the Montreal Canadiens will not win a cup in the next five years, and why exactly I hated the Gomez trade. First of all though, I will say that I liked the signing of Travis Moen,... Read More »
I hate to be the bearer of bad news to Habs fans out there. Especially on the heels of such an emotional 24-hours in which we lost our inspirational captain, and our flame of offensive passion. It seems like just yesterday that I, for the first time in my short life, felt like I was in the presence of a true Stanley Cup Contender going into a season. Compared to the excitement that reverberated ar... Read More »
[b]In Bob I trust...[/b] It is a phrase that I have used over the past six years more than anyone else in this city. Unfortunately, no more. The truth is, Bob Gainey got rotten luck. He put together a team that should have competed for a Stanley Cup, filled with talent on all sides. Unfortunately, injuries, distractions, and regressions from young players led to yet another failed season in yea... Read More »


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