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I don’t want to go too far in to examining the recent trade involving Halak to the Blues, rather I’m curious as to what it means to the ‘big picture’ for Gauthier and company. If we take a look, it seems that the Canadiens have a young hockey team. Below is a list of players that played for the Habs this past season, and I am assuming they are the players projected to challenge for... Read More »

Cue the Generic Post-Game Interview

Posted March 19, 2010
I've noticed frustration seems to be a growing trend amongst Hockeybuzz bloggers. Most of it is probably warranted. The impression I get lately by reading this site is there are alot of teams straight up playing like garbage. So many reads of 'This team has no heart whatsoever", or "Cue the generic post game interview". Don't get me wrong here, I really enjoy the blogging on this sight. It's pr... Read More »

Why are they playing these guys?

Posted December 27, 2009
You know what? I don’t care how tall these guys are or what they weigh, I’d like to see a d-core that can skate. Ryan O’Byrne and Hal Hill barely can. The Canadiens current win streak has seen them get grossly outplayed and a big part of the problem is their slow defence. The Hamilton Bulldogs, in contrast, are allowing less than 25 shots per game over the last few. And I would wager that... Read More »

Start the Habs Offseason Now!!!

Posted December 17, 2009
Thirty-five games into the season, more games played than any other team, the Montreal Canadiens find themselves a mere 2 points out of 29th spot overall. That’s more than enough reason to think this team is not a Stanley Cup contender. And in this modern NHL salary cap era that’s enough reason to rebuild for next season. A common, successful strategy to rebuild is by selling off several p... Read More »


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