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Bryan Murray practicing patience...

Posted August 11, 2009
So news continues to spread over where Heatley may or may not end up and what's coming back. Many seem to believe that Heatley will not return as much as he's worth considering his media portrayal over the last couple months has hurt his chances of bringing a better return. However, Bryan Murray knows exactly what he wants for Heatley and he's not going to accept a trade where he doesn't get gr... Read More »
So let's put all this Heatley drama aside for a second and look ahead to the upcoming season. Am I being too optimistic or do Sens fans have a lot to look forward to? Let's start with the [b]coaching[/b]. The last few years have been turbulent in terms of coaching for Sens fans. Cory Clouston is a young, new coach who seems to want to bring a whole new identity to this team. In fact, Clouston... Read More »


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