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All-Predators Roster

Posted July 14, 2009
With the coming and passing of the prospect development camp, Pred Nation has buzzed and talked highly of the caliber of the prospects present this summer. This prospect class has been deemed as a group full of talent and potential and seemed to impress everyone from the coaches to the fans. Through the work of Paul and Brandon, even those who were not able to make an appearance at Centennial Sp... Read More »

Predators Filled with Options

Posted July 10, 2009
Alright guys, bear with me here, this is my first time blogging so I may make some mistakes here and there, but I figured, hey, why not start out with a topic that I love? That topic being the Nashville Predators. Now, moving on to the specific topic itself: In my honest opinion, I believe the Predators have positioned themselves quite well so far this offseason. We’ve taken the typical... Read More »