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You remember going to your first dance as a kid? I remember my first dance, because my parents forced me to go. The one thing that got me to go is how my father explained to me about how going to a dance was an opportunity to ask a girl to dance with me that normally I wouldn’t talk to. Now I was in grade 6 when I attended my first dance, and the thing about being in grade 6 is your just learnin... Read More »

The Dubey Effect

Posted August 22, 2013
Devan Dubynk, the Big Easy as some would like to call him or Dubey as I like to call him. The big goalie that has never seemed to get the complete trust from fans to take the team to the next level. He always seems to let in that one goal that can deflate the whole team. But he is capable of making that big save but at times it always seemed too late. Every year he has been in the big leagues he h... Read More »


Posted August 21, 2013
Expectations. We are closing in on the end of August here in Alberta and with that hockey has become a topic of conversation because the cool wind is a reminder that training camps is just around the corner. Now being an Oiler fan has not been easy the last couple years, this time every year it has been the same thing. Hockey fans have all been saying the same thing about the last place Oilers, to... Read More »


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