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Fixing The Carolina Hurricanes

Posted March 3, 2014
The Hurricanes are going to miss the playoffs again. This is less of a prediction and more of an inescapable reality at this point. One could spend days dissecting this team in an effort to understand why the Hurricanes have only made the playoffs once in the past 8 seasons but rather than sitting here and tossing blame about like the overzealous poo-flinging monkeys we sometimes are, let's ta... Read More »

Team Canada: Collapse By Numbers

Posted January 7, 2013
With the a 6-5 overtime loss to Russians, Canada's national junior team not only leaves Ufa with the disappointment of no gold medal, but also with the knowledge that they are the first Canadian team in fourteen years without a medal of any colour. That's a tough pill to swallow for anyone, let alone a bunch of teenagers who are faced with a level of expectation that most of us cannot even begin... Read More »
This is intended as a reference only, but I thought I'd crunch the numbers for you all so you don't have to. What I did was take the top 20 Goal Scorers from each NHL season since the lockout, and added their goal totals, ONLY IN THOSE SEASONS IN WHICH THEY FINISHED AMONG THE TOP 20. I think this approach gives you a better idea of how each player fares in comparison to their peers on a year b... Read More »

David Backes: Scoring Star?

Posted August 12, 2011
With high expectations from the fans, much of the success or failure of this season for the St. Louis Blues rides on the shoulders of David Backes. Named to the All-Star Game last season, Backes racked up a very solid 31 goals and 62 points last season, all the while amassing 93 PIMS and a +32 rating. While not exactly the season many were hoping for from the team, Backes had a rebound from th... Read More »

Who Are The St. Louis Blues?

Posted August 9, 2011
Over the past several seasons, we have seen an enormous amount of transition in the Blues franchise. Since 2004, the Blues have seen 2 owners, 3 Head Coaches, and 2 GM's and now the franchise is for sale yet again. How has this affected the team? Well, beginning in 05-06, the Blues have wound up with 57, 81, 79, 92, 90, and 89 points in each season respectively, which would indicate a strong... Read More »


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