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Posted July 3, 2016
Playing hockey in June is not easy- it's hot, the kids are out of school and want to see daddy, the fish are biting, the water is warm, running through a sprinkler is more inviting than skating towards and getting belted by a D-Man and simply, Europe is breathtaking at that time of year. Yet, every NHL'er dreams of it. But, to be able to continue wearing skates instead of flip flops through 4 grue... Read More »
When the Toronto Maple Leafs began the '09-10 season 0-7-1, it was determined that even though they were not as bad as their record indicated, the horror movie like start demonstrated they could not compete when points "mattered most". Lately, nearing the end of a 5th straight non-playoff year, the Leafs (as has been their season ending trend) have been on a tear; their 7-2-1 record in their last... Read More »

Kaberle's House Not For Sale

Posted March 21, 2010
Quick question. Would you dig a hole if you didn't have enough dirt to fill it? That is precisely what Leaf management would be doing if they finally trade Tomas Kaberle when his no trade clause is lifted during the off season. Most leaf fans and Leaf reporters see it as a no brainer to rid themselves of # 15. Their points (somewhat valid) are as follows: (1).Kaberle will be a sought after asset t... Read More »

My Sip of Coffee in the Bigs

Posted March 13, 2010
A blog written by Leaf reporter Howard Berger entitled "Close encounters Along the Way" about his memories celebrating 30 years in the business, inspired me to reflect on my very brief sports writing "career"- a full 3 MONTHS in the business. Reading Howard's stories were quite interesting and gave a personal side to reporter's lives who, in most cases, sports viewers know only by name, voice,... Read More »

Leafs need 3!

Posted March 12, 2010
WIth the ride of the uneventful trade deadline now more than a week over, Leaf fans have gotten a glimpse of their "new look" team. A 3-1-1 record without Ponikarovsky and Stempniak in the line up is a step in the right direction- but a baby one at best. The Leafs managed to clear out some players who were part of or did nothing to change around the losing culture that has seeped so devastingly i... Read More »


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