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Penner for Simmonds (e19)

Posted February 10, 2011
There has been alot of talk that the Kings have serious interest in Dustin Penner, so I say the two teams make it happen. It's simple, Dustin Penner to LA and Wayne Simmonds to EDM. You can agree or disagree, I don't really care, but this deal would make the Oilers a much better team. I can see it happening, because Lombardi has made some silly deals in the past,and the Kings seem to enjoy p... Read More »

Enough is Enough

Posted February 8, 2011
As the NHL trade deadline grows nearer and nearer, misconceptions about trades grow larger and larger. The evidence? A recent rumour stated: Hemsky for Ellis. Sorry Canadian die hards, Ryan Ellis is not the stud that Pierre Mcguire makes him out to be. In fact, he may be the most overrated prospect of all time. His small stature, ankle skating, and childish attitude (+ appearance) confirm m... Read More »


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