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Leafs' New Year's Resolutions (Part 2)

Posted January 29, 2019
[b]Mitch Marner:[/b] In a season where Marner is on pace to shatter every one of his career highs, it is difficult to find something for the 21-year-old to aspire to improve in 2019. Statistically speaking, Marner has been dominant. With 19 goals, 42 assists, and a whopping +16, Mitchy the kid is on pace to absolutely obliterate the Leafs’ pocketbook this upcoming offseason. There really isn’t... Read More »

Leafs' New Year's Resolutions (Part 1)

Posted January 10, 2019
Saturday night’s decisive win over the Vancouver Canucks marked the midway point of the season for the Maple Leafs, and their second game of the New Year. Through the first half of the season the Leafs have met or exceeded many expectations, but as any Mike Babcock interview will remind you, there’s always room for improvement. For some it may be staying healthy (looking at you Matthews), and... Read More »

The Pacific Division Gives Thanks

Posted November 21, 2018
Many hockey insiders believe American Thanksgiving to be the time of year where NHL General Managers sit down, take a hard look at their rosters, and evaluate where they are and where their season could be headed. Most teams have played roughly 20 games by this point, so by this time many GMs have developed a solid understanding of what is working for their club, and what needs attention. While th... Read More »


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