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2011-12 Season Predictions

Posted September 23, 2011
East : 1) Washington 2) Pittsburgh 3) Boston 4) Buffalo 5) Tampa 6) NYR 7) Montreal 8) New Jersey ----------------- 9) Philadelphia 10) Winnipeg 11) Florida 12) Toronto 13) Carolina 14) NYI 15) Ottawa West: 1) San Jose 2) Chicago 3) Vancouver 4) LA 5) Detroit 6) Anaheim 7) Nashville 8) Columbus --------------- 9) Minnesota 10) St. Louis 11) Dallas 12) Calgary 13) P... Read More »

Just another day at the office

Posted June 26, 2010
Weeks of anticipation as news rolled in that the sabres were shopping tc and roy and Darcy might actually do something significant. Turn on my tv, hoping and praying for a real forward and Ruff and Regier are lounging at their table staring blankly waiting for their turn to pick and go back to the hotel to sleep. Anyone else as dissapointed right now as me? Read More »


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Campbells hit on Umberger (youtube it), Pommers series winner round alfie, Toews World Juniors, Connollys threw the legs goal on McCabe,Michael Renberg slapshot penalty shot

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Brian Campbell

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