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Posted December 24, 2020
When the 2021 Sabres team finally hits the ice mid-January, at minimum, 310 days will have passed since the last time they stepped off as 3-2 SO winners over the Washington Capitals. That team was just trying to get to the finish line of yet another playoff-less campaign. Eichel had done all he could to try and drag them into relevancy...but he would again come up short. Thankfully, a lot ha... Read More »
Nine years. If you think where you were nine years ago...how much your life has changed...and how much you know now, that you didn’t know then...it really brings into question the [i]actual[/i] sanity of those who have called themselves a fan of the Buffalo Sabres since before that time. - 691 games - 431 ending in defeat - 7 different coaches - 4 different GM’s - dropped in the... Read More »

Patience Please

Posted June 9, 2018
With one single flip of a card...seven years of disappointment and ineptitude were seemingly washed away. Now...less than two months later. Common sense has also seemingly been washed away. With the anticipated addition of super-prospect, Rasmus Dahlin, the Sabres appear to have a bona-fide #1 defenseman on the horizon. For many, it seems as though the Stanley Cup will be arriving next s... Read More »

At last...again

Posted January 22, 2018
“The Buffalo Sabres are a dumpster fire! How can you cheer for that team?” Says the guy who is currently a “die-hard” Tampa Bay Lightning fan…fresh off his two-year run as hardcore Penguins backer. We all know those guys. And while they are seemingly basking in championship glory year-after-year. Johnny Bandwagon will never get to experience the highs and the lows of being a true fa... Read More »

Where Do the Sabres Go From Here

Posted January 2, 2018
With just two games to go until the Buffalo Sabres officially hit the halfway mark of the 2017-18 season...they find themselves in familiar territory. Competing with the Arizona Coyotes for the rights to highest odds in this springs NHL Draft Lottery. And while it seems like the same old story (something I wrote about earlier), it also feels slightly different. Yes, the Sabres continue to s... Read More »


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