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Upon writing this, the Flyers just won their fourth game in a row and sit only two points out of the final playoff spot in the East. Somehow, despite key injury after key injury, this team has been finding ways to win hockey games and very well could find themselves in one of the final playoff spots in a few weeks. With that being said, I want to spend this blog analyzing what our defense would lo... Read More »
Well, with the look of the Flyers roster becoming clearer as we approach opening day, here are my predictions for how the 2012-13 season will shake out for the Flyers. Will be fun to revisit these in June and see how close I got. 1. Paul Holmgren will sign Michal Rosival to a one year deal in an attempt to fill the hole on defense after the injury to Meszaros. 2. Andrej Meszaros does not ret... Read More »
For many seasons, the Flyers have always opted for the "quick fix" mentality. Signing a big name free agent, trading away draft picks and young prospects for more established players often on the back end of their career, and relying on high salaried players to get the job done. This strategy has come close to paying off several times. Trading away a huge chunk of the future for an aging Chris Pro... Read More »


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