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While cycling through some old fight tapes last week, I came across a spirited 1986 fight between the Flyers’ Dave Brown and Winnipeg Jets’ Jim Kyte. Brown landed close to six straight unanswered lefts to Kyte’s face before big Jim lowered the boom on Brownie with a single right that ended the fight. [i]Hmm …[/i] I thought to myself, [i]who won that fight,[/i] Brown who had slapped Kyte... Read More »

What's In A Name?

Posted April 6, 2010
As a child, which was before YouTube , the NHL channel, and massive communication monoliths such as Comcast and Verizon were around, I used to scour NHL boxscores to see who fought in the previous night’s games. I was always excited when a new name began appearing regularly in the box scores. I was always curious to see whether the names of the pugilists read as tough or menacing as the repu... Read More »

Where'd The Hate Go?

Posted March 17, 2010
Aside from some fire from defenseman Mark Stuart, I thought I was watching a home video of an eighth grade dance, and not a hockey game between the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers on March 11. You know, girls on one side of the dance floor, boys on the other, and nary the twain shall meet. There was nothing special about Stuart’s fights with Dan Carcillo and Ian Lapperierre; no punches of... Read More »


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