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"Hockeybuzz Fanstove"
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Welcome to the first edition of the Hockeybuzz Fanstove. This series, inspired by the successful Hockeybuzz Hotstove, will share the views of regular posters. For our first question, we will tackle the Hotstove‚Äôs most recent question: who will win the Eastern Conference? [b]mdw7413[/b] I think it will be a toss-up between the Rangers, Bolts and Penguins if they can stay healthy. I wo... Read More »

The Oilers are better than the Flames

Posted November 19, 2014
And that's the God damn truth!!! Read More »

Corsi is Not a Proxy for Possession

Posted October 15, 2014
There was a lot of debate regarding advanced analytics this past offseason. The debate was filled with passionate supporters on one side and adversaries who vehemently rejected the statistic as relevant on the other. This blog is not an extension of that debate and does not challenge the relevance or significance of advanced analytics such as Corsi; however, it does challenge the theory that Corsi... Read More »


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