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Lemieux Is Key For Negotiations

Posted September 18, 2012
He saved the Penguins on the ice and raised two Cups as their captain. After his retirement, he saved them financially. He rolled what salary he deferred as a player a primary ownership share in the franchise. He also saved the team once more time by securing a new facility for the Penguins, which ultimately prevented them from moving cities. All of the above-mentioned has been well documented... Read More »
On Draft Day 2012, the Penguins made a huge splash by dealing Jordan Staal to Carolina for Brian Damoulin, Brandon Sutter, and the #8 pick in the draft. That same day, they also traded reliable defensemen Zybnek Michalek. Other than those two transactions, the Penguins haven't done much this summer. After failing to sign both or either Zack Parise or Ryan Suter, it seems as though the Penguins... Read More »

Tim Thomas...Who asked you?

Posted July 29, 2012
I'm an American. I like to consider myself more liberal than most of my countrymen. But, I also recognize that there are going to be people that disagree with me about my social and political beliefs. I just want to go on record and say that I believe this is a good thing. We need contention in society, or else nothing can be addressed and improved or fixed. Along those lines, I respect the fac... Read More »
Not since the late 80s has a team thoroughly dominated the NHL like the Oilers. There was a 5 year period where they won 4 Stanley Cups. The Oilers organization took what youth they had and expended as much from them as possible. Ever since the Oilers of the 80s, there has not been another team that ran through its opponents so easily. I would call the Oilers of the 80s a dynasty, for that time pe... Read More »
There is a #91 Tavares Jersey that is framed and hung on Eric Murphy's office wall on the set of HBO's "Entourage." It's ironic, considering the show had it's final season on HBO last year and the Islanders might not be far behind. In August 2011, a referendum which would have allowed the Islanders to borrow up to $400 million to modernize the Nassau Coliseum failed in Nassau County. In even m... Read More »


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