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Who will start?

Posted April 17, 2008
So is anyone else thinking Curtis Joseph has a chance to start tonights game for Calgary or does Kipper get the start again? Honestly I think Iron Mike will go with Kipper but how can you not give a chance to Cujo when he deffinatly made the impact of game 4 to let Calgary come back and even the series? What does everyone think? Give Cujo a chance or start Kipper? Read More »

NHL2K8 Review

Posted September 13, 2007
Ok so I went out and bought NHL2K8 for my ps2 since I can't afford a 360 right now and I'm very dissapointed. The controls are very choppy and the game just doesn't seem like they tried. Maybe it's cause it's on the ps2 but I just don't like it but it's gonna have to hold me over. I've played NHL 08 for the 360 at a friends and MAN it blowes away any and every NHL game EVER! It's very polished and... Read More »

Fantasy hockey feedback!

Posted September 12, 2007
I havn't written a blog so I figured I start with my fantasy teams and get opinions from everyone how how it is. I would appreciat all feed back positive and negative. I enjoy reading all blogs on the site and I will continue to blog probily regularly. A little about me I'm obvously a Blues fan. Have been ever since I've been into hockey. Despite that I try as much as posible not to favor them in... Read More »


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Favorite Teams

St. Louis Blues

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Detroit Red Wings, Nashville Predators

Favorite Players

Curtis Joseph, Jaroslav Halak, Tim Thomas, Patrik Berglund, Jerome Iginla, Al McCinnis, Lanny McDonald, Alex Pieterangelo

Best Hockey Memories

Watchin Curtis Joseph fight with a Detroit goalie! Was amazing. Plus My first hockey game watchin Curtis Joseph. BEST game I have ever been to even though the Blues lost 6-5

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