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"-Go Flyers!-"
Philadelphia, PA • United States • 23 Years Old • Male
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Kolvy-Gate, 2010

Posted July 21, 2010
IF the rumors are true (espn and the hockey news both say so) The Kolvy Devils deal has been denied by the NHL. … Really now? The NHL, who is still, according to reports, investigating how many licks it takes to get to the center of the CBA, is going to deny this contract. 17 years = too long. 15 Years is ok. Before people start to say, look at the age, I would like to point out the follo... Read More »

Good Bye Simon Gagne

Posted July 19, 2010
When I was about 15, My mom let me cut school. My birthday is on December 20th, and so she let me cut school a day before x-mas break to do my x-mas shopping. After getting gifts for everyone (my brother got socks, Muaha!) We went into Models to get some more hockey sticks. While there, I saw it.... Number 12- Simon Gagne A jersey, sitting on a rack right in front of the door. My mom saw... Read More »


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Philadelphia Flyers

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Chicago Blackhawks , Shitsburg Penguins

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Keith Jones- Slow and steady, with the ability to pretend I know what I am doing

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www.commonwealthgaming.net - Team Fortess 2 servers from CWG- Also Counter Strike- Source!