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The number 160. It is either a small number or a big number depending on how you’re looking at it. If you were looking at purchasing the newest electronic gadget, like the new Google Nexus tablet, you may consider it to be a small number. If you were looking at the NHL scoring race of 1992-93, you would consider it to be a huge number. For this specific season, this number represents the total... Read More »

Nash for Ryan?

Posted June 22, 2012
Just a quick hit on this. Nash for Ryan...straight up! This is one scenario that I have not heard anyone (and I mean anyone) mention as a possibility. Why not? Cap wise it works and each team would get a great player. Anyone have any thoughts on this that they would be willing to share? Cheers! Read More »

A return to the Flying Frenchman?

Posted June 13, 2012
Hello readers! Well, today is the day that the Montreal Canadiens officially reclaimed a HUGE part of their heritage. With the hiring of Martin Lapointe, Sylvain Lefebvre and Patrice Brisebois, General Manager Marc Bergevin has managed to not only instill some pride back into the Montreal organization, but he also has made the Canadiens attractive to potential free agents both this year an... Read More »


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