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Rangers trade Micheal Roszival to the Phoenix Coyotes for Wojtek Wolski

What do you think of this deal?
Phoenix recieves a young budding defenceman who has the talent to be a playmaker and scorer, and the Rangers recieve a forward who has proven himself to be quite the point producer in past years, but is just having an off-season. With Frolov out for the remainder of the season, I think this was a quick fix for the Rangers to get some scoring up front. Knowing that, Phoenix jumped on the oppurtunity to give them a proven slumping player for a young d-man who has a huge upside. With Michalek gone in the offseason, this is also a fix for the Top Four in Phoenix. This is a fairly even deal but I predict Phoenix to come out on top. I guess we will have to wait and see.

In Summary:
Phoenix gets: Micheal Roszival
New York Rangers get: Wojtek Wolski

Your thoughts?
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