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Kapuskasing, ON • Canada • 22 Years Old • Male
Hey Y'all

Being a Maple Leafs fan as long as I've been I had the opportunity to see some of the good days and the bad days which have extended into the past 5 seasons... also with that I have been able to notice the one thing missing... HEART

Seriously can you remember the last time they made the playoffs they had Roberts, Tucker and Joe N. giving everything they had refusing to lose try telling me as a leaf fan you would not kill to have more players like that players that refuse to lose and always give it everything they have.

I still to this day say one of the best hockey fights I have ever seen was between Gary Roberts and Bill Guerin two guys who were warriors

So hopefully in the next couple of years Brain will be able to acquire some guys that will bring the heart and passion required to win in the NHL
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