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First Post

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First a little bit about me... My name is Brad, made this account some time ago but just currently got to a place in life where i might be able to contribute to it regularly.
Born just beyond the south towns of Buffalo in no mans land... Had no real loves in life till i caught my first sabres game in the colored rows of the old Aud been hooked ever since.
Moved to florida for a year where they looked at me funny when i mentioned the word ice yet demanded another TV so while everyone else was watching the Daytona 500 i could watch the sabres during the '05-06 season. Now im back south of Buffalo and am ready for the upcoming season... with that i have a few thoughts on what has transpired during the off season.

First of all the additions

Robyn Regehr- A welcomed addition to the blue corps, his incoming also including Big Al not as much... though im sure we can find a use for Al in Rochester, Regehr's stand up ability at the blue line may help a top line not only keep the puck from entering the defensive zone and away from Miller but may help the sabres play more puck possessing hockey

Christian Ehrhoff- Many people have said that Ehrhoff will not be the dominating presence sabres fans have believe him to be... I for one am not counting on him to do so...I want him to do exactly what he did last season in Vancouver a 50 point D-Man scoring half of those on the PP (which in case you didnt catch much hockey last year was not always how do i put this.... good?) and pretty low Pims... sounds like a plan

Ville Leino- I like the Leino move... do i like the price of it... no not really but it was a product of this UFA class... not as many products mean prices go up... I dont want to hear about his stats in Detroit... you try seeing much ice time on that team being a young guy, What i love about him is his on ice presence which is full steam ahead... his drive is incredible, his attitude is never say die... and combine that with our young core of Gerbe, Ennis, Myers etc morale throughout the locker room is sky rocketing... and im willing to bet with if paired with line mates that work well with him his "shallow" numbers of 19+34 will certainly see a rise....

The loses shall be saved for next time Thank You all who give this a glance
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