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Does anyone else believe that Kris Letang will end up being the better Pens D prospect? I do.

Don't get me wrong, I believe they are both very good, and as Pens fans we are very fortunate, but I think Letang has more upside... and may even be better right now.

Here are some points that I believe support my case:

1. Letang is just as mobile, and can start the rush as good if not better than Whitney.

2. Although both tend to wander in their own zone, Letang is actually more physical than Whitney and will throw around the body. He also has the ability to go into the corner and come out with the puck.

3. Letang is a right handed shot. This is quite valuable on the point during the powerplay. I believe he should be on the first unit with Gonchar. Eventually it will become the Letang and Whitney show.

I always find it hard to compare players because it is hard to support one without knocking the other. With that, I am still a huge Whitney fan. I just believe that Letang is here to stay, and provides the Pens with three solid offensive defenceman.

Time for a trade Mr. Shero. We need a strong stay at home D-Man.
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