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"Sabres rumours "
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Well, as many of you know, Drury will likely be bought out by the Rangers to make room for Richards. And yes, the Rangers are the team that will sign Richards. I say there is 90% chance that that will happen. So good for the Rangers, another soon to be overpaid player on their team.

On the Sabres...

Now that means that Drury would become a free agent on July1. The Sabres have seemed to show interest as well. If they were to sign him, it would most likely be a 2.5-3.5 mil deal for maby three years due to his age and poor numbers put up due to constant injuries. But that still leaves the #1 center position open. There has been lots of talk about the Sabres moving bodies to get that #1 center. Some different players that would have a strong possibilty to move in order to get that #1 center are roy or pommers.

More to come tomorrow on rumours, Sabres updates and reasonable possibilities.
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