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Jackal and Hyde Weekend

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The tale of two different teams showed over the last weekend. Nobody showed up in Columbus per usual in that building, but Saturday the Sabres/Amerks were responsible for getting Boudreau fired after a 5-1 beat down. With 9 regulars out of the line-up the kids came to play and took it to the underachieving and uninspired Washington Capitals. Kassian got his first NHL goal, McNabb was a force on the blue line, Szezechura brought grit, Adam returned to early season form, and Ehrhoff looked like the D-man they bought in the offseason. Enroth was bad Friday and good Saturday not really being tested. He looks tired, they need Miller back soon. Stafford, Regher, McCormick, Kaleta, Myers, Miller, Weber, Ennis, and Boyes all did not play Saturday. Yet I liked the team with the kids more, it featured a team with inspiration and size that we rarely see from a healthy Sabres team. Ennis should be a good jump when he's back, Regher is a rock, Myers is Myers, Kaleta is energy, McCormick is grit, and Miller provides stability in goal. That leaves Weber, Stafford, and Boyes, here's my opinion on the 3:

Weber- Nice size and average NHL D-man, but I have Brayden McNabb and Mark Pysk in the system. I see him as nothing more than trade bait when he is healthy.
Stafford- Inconsistent, Inconsistent, Inconsistent. I do not understand what he doesn't get about driving to the net hard whenever possible. When he does that it results in a scoring chance almost every time and he plays his best game. At 4 years 4 million a year...hello trade bait for a center. I have Kassian who will be ready next year for 82 games and I need a center more.
Boyes-Injury seems bad, may have played his last game as a Sabre.

Also good news came out of Pegulaville today with Miller back on the ice and Kaleta, Regher, and Stafford expected to play Tuesday. Kassian and McNabb remain up with the team, Brennan, Tropp and Szezechura sent back to Rochester.

Short blog today, more time tomorrow for a blog with more meat and thought.
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