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Vancouver, BC • Canada • 24 Years Old • Male
Here we are on October 19th, 6 games into the Canucks regular season, and local sports talk shows are flooded with calls by the usual boneheaded people about the teams 2-3-1 start, and of course, Roberto Luongo. It's not a debate or argument if Luongo isnt involved, not in this city. What really gets me is the fact that the team infront of Luongo last night owned 50 mins of game, Henrik Lundqvist stole the show but still there was no offensive support for Roberto. Vancouver peppered Lundqvist with 40 shots but couldnt find the back of the net, yet people are calling in and blasting Luongo, but not the Canucks powerplay which went 0/8, thats right, 0 for 8, how do you not score with that firepower upfront?? That was the game right there. Of course I wouldnt expect our "fans" to know that, since they were probably sitting in their seats at the game last night planning their next Latte date at the local Starbucks, or the next protest at the art gallery. Of course, when the team starts rolling and winning games left right and centre from November on like they always do, this city will again jump back on the bandwagon and brag theyve always been diehard Canucks fans, yeeaahhh, right. Oh and nothing will be said about Roberto, cause sssshhhh he proved us wrong again, dont tell anyone otherwise I'll look like an idiot because I used to bash the guy when he sucked, but now he's good again! So I can be a fan!

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