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Trade Bait Each Team

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Legend - MT - Must Trade, PT - Potential Trade, NT - No Trade yet rumoured

Anaheim: MT: None, team is playing together, PT: Cogliano (He may get a fair return to really improve the team)

Boston: MT: None, the epth is not one to mess with, PT: Erickson (he has not been as expected an could get moved for a more useful player), Soderburg (minus on Bruins, there could be a more useful player)

Buffalo: MT: Erhoff, Miller, Stafford (rebuild needs to start from them), PT: anyone else

Calgary: MT: Stajan, Wideman, Glencross, (not much assets left), PT: Giordano, Hudler, Beartschi

Carolina: Tlusty (he simply is not top 6 an fakes himself as it), PT: J. Staal, Sekera (improvements possible from trade)

More teams to come...
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