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Just like the New York Yankees are in baseball, Machester United in soccer, Dallas Cowboys are in football, the Toronto Maple Leafs are the centre of the hockey universe. It has been for many years now.

All of the teams i mentioned above have high revenues and don't hesitate when it comes to spending money on big name free agents or making trades for big time players. Its time for Burke to step up, go after the big fish. Do we really want to see Steckal, Crabb and Connelly play 20 minutes a game? Go get Rick Nash at any cost. Offer Zach Parise a long term deal. Bring in Mr. Luongo. The Toronto fans have waited long enough. We need a playoff team this year. We need a playoff team for the next 10 years.

We are the centre of the hockey universe. Would any of the highest revenue teams i mentioned above go as long as the Leafs had of not making the playoffs and not make drastic changes?

Go get the big fish or be replaced by someone who can.
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