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Wow! What a first round! Their was some good, and some bad. Some expected, and some unexpected. Here are my thoughts on all the days events:

Cal(l me an idiot)gary: Feaster- "We picked the guy that, 10 years from now, WILL be the best player to have come from this draft." Not "I feel", or "We could", but "We will". If you're going to be stupid, at least don't be arrogant AND stupid. I, for one, hope this pick (Mark Jankowski) works out for them. While it would be a great joy to mock the Flames for many years to come, it wouldn't even compare to the thrill of an actual Battle of Alberta again.

Eastern Giants: Washington and Buffalo were the big winners this first round. They will get scary. Forsberg at 11 for Caps, and Grigs at 12 for the Sabres. Wow... wow!

Pittsbur-gaaaaaaah: Wow!I'm intrigued as to what the (frank) Pittsburgh is doing. Edmonton fans often get beaked by Pens fans for offering garbage for their players on our blogs (which some of us often do), and then their GM goes ahead and trades off one of their top four d-men for what? A late 2nd round pick and two low quality prospects! While it was clearly a move just to gain favour with Phoenix and give them a top four d-man to replace Yandle if/when he's traded. They've now got the pieces through which to make such a deal. If so, smart move. If not, dumb move. The coming days will tell, I guess.

Thunder in the Hurricane: Carolina move was expected, but adding a prospect of Dumoulin's quality seemed like desperation to me.

Pittsbur-gaaaaaaah Part 2: Speaking of that trade, how's the Pens' D prospect depth looking now? This:

Morrow, Despres, Harrington, Dumoulin, Pouliot, Maata, Samuelsson, and McNeill.

Talk about an embarrassment of riches!

Stars & Stripes: Dallas weakens their C depth, but with Benn (converted), Ott, Fiddler, and now Faksa, and Eakin, they look OK. They'll likely need at least one FA center pick up unless they feel that Eakin is good enough for that spot. Unlikely, but I've been more surprised before.

Maple Glaze: While I was confused as to why Burke couldn't have taken Forsberg and been happy with him, I can see how you can never really have too much of a good thing in young d-men. I read a few scouts felt that Rielly was the best D-man of the draft.

Anahmmm: Anaheim did what was likely smartest with Visnovsky.

Bobby-pinned: Bobrovsky to Columbus. Ok. Two unproven possible starters in Mason and Bob. I still have a caveat of belief in Mason as his play did improve after getting those larger pads. York played well last season and could get a look.

Speaking of Columbus, their defense seems to be shored up for now. Johnson, Tyutin, Methot, Wiz, Murray, Moore, Savard, and Co. should provide a solid presence in front of what is a shaky goaltending situation.

Nail in the Barrel:
As everyone should have expected, the Oilers took Yakupov first overall. Thank baby JESUS! He's got the hands and shot of Eberle, the speed and attitude of Hall, and a boatload of swagger that could compare to that of Mick Jagger!

Those were my most significant thoughts from the day, and I hope that tomorrow brings a similar haul! Here's hoping the Oilers take one of: Severson, Dansk, Thrower, or Sissons with the 32nd!

2nd thru 7th rounds, here I come!
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