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Nashville Trade Proposal

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to EDM: Weber(7.8m), Gaustad(3.2m), Taylor Beck(.9m) ___________________________ to NSH: Smid(3.5m), Petry(1.7m), Hemsky(5m), Marincin(.9), Rajala(.8)_______________ _____________________________________________________________________ The salaries work out well for both. The positional depth works out well for both teams even better. Check it out on cap geek's cap calculator. (ignore their r/l for dmen... its horribly wrong) NSH needs some depth on rw, Rajala (who is ready but will not get an opportunity to play behind Ebs and Yak), Hemsky (positionally wrong on a checking line). Edm would get size and grit in those 3 players as well. Beck 6'3" 200lbs right handed LW pretty decent numbers last year, Weber 6'4" 230lbs, Gaustad 6'5" 225lbs and a 58% face off checking line center. NSH has like 8 centers. win-win for both teams. NSH needs scoring RW, and capable LD, what do you think?
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