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Can it get any better?

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The first two games of this series have been probably the best playoff hockey games I've seen in a while (and I've seen a lot, from the 4OT Buffalo-New Jersey thriller that was probably one of of not THE best 1-0 games ever, to Stevie Y ripping THAT shot over Jon Casey's shoulder in 1996), mostly because for some reason the Galactic Empire (aka the NHL) has allowed its refs to do one main thing: let the boys play. Sure, in Game 1 Anaheim took a lot of penalties, but in the Finals you tend to get a little jumpy and take some silly penalties. Game 2 saw a lot more even calls and great, free-flowing hockey. Doc Emerick even pointed out that at one point in the 2nd period, they went a full NINE MINUTES without as much as an offsides call to stop the game. But from a fan's standpoint, these two have been perfect: down-to-the-wire, with lots of great finesse and physical play from just about all involved (did I really see Teemu Selanne check a guy?)

I think in all honesty if the Conn Smythe does not go to a goaltender this year, it will be a crime. Both Giguere and Emery stood on their heads tonight and on Monday, and although they both got a good bit of help tonight (Emery from the post, Giguere more from a defense that has been picking up rebounds with aplomb in this series). I can't wait to see what'll happen in Kanata on Saturday: will this series be a fairly normal, home-team-wins-all-encounters affair, or will (in my opinion) the more balanced Anaheim steal a game in Ottawa? Only time, and what happens at Place Banque Scotia, will tell.
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