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Las Vegas

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What would you name the Las Vegas team? i like the idea of the Las Vegas ... really, i have no idea, but does anyone else have any idea of what the name would be? there is some pretty good possibilities. i'm not a big fan of the hawks or (k)nights idea, as is the something(k)nights or somethinghawks. not actually the word something, but something before knights/nights or hawks.

So what would be the name you'd give the Las Vegas team? but this blog post is not called Las Vegas team name, and that is because this is about different NHL team in Las Vegas stuff, like this too:

Who would they get in an expansion draft? i could maybe see them taking Rick Nash from one of my two favourite teams, the New York Rangers (, the other one of my faves is the islanders).

So how good will they do when they start? i don't know.

it will probably be at least 3 years without making it to the playoffs before they make it. if they make it in 2017-18, i would be VERY surprised. NHLers all playing on this team together in the NHL, but a different team ... a new franchise.

So what does everyone else think about this?
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