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Oh boy, we are just days away from the regular season now. I wanted to post the 2nd installment of FT50 before the regular season gets under way, you may notice a few changes. Any difference from the last, may be because of any announcements or rumours of line combinations that I have heard since the last post. Also the news of Gonchar's injury has dropped him off the list. Next to the player I chose I will list the statistics he can help a fantasy team in that are used by a majority of fantasy leagues and by which statistic he will help you most in. When a player is listed with the letter IP next to their name, it means they are prone to injury and have probably been placed lower then I would like based on the fact that they could lose games to injury.Also as a note- I am not really big on Goalies, but there will be a few in there.

1. Ovechkin- 55+ goals, 50+assists, 400+ SOG, PPP, +/-
2. Crosby - 65+assists, 30+ goals, PPP
3. Iginla- 50+ goals, 40+assists, PPP, PIMs, SOG
4.Zetterberg- G, +/-, A, PPP
5.Heatley- G, A, PPP, SOG
6.Malkin- G,A, PPP, SOG
7.Thornton- A, PPP, G
8.Luongo- W, SV%, GAA, SO
9. Datsyuk- A, PPP, +/-, G
10. Lidstrom- +/-, A, PPP, G, SOG
11. Alfredsson- G, A, PPP, +/-
12. Brodeur- W, GAA, SV%, SO
13.Kovalchuk- G, PPP, A
14.Hossa- G, A, PPP, SOG, +/-
15.Lecavalier- G, A, PPP, SOG, PIMs
16.Nabakov- W, GAA, SO, SV%
17.Spezza-(IP) A, G, PPP,
18.Phaneuf- G, PIMs, A, PPP, Hits
19.Gaborik-(IP) G, A, PPP
20.Nash- G, A, PPP, SOG
21.M.Richards- G,A, PPP, SOG,+/-
22.Lundqvist- W,SO, SV%, GAA
23.St. Louis- A, G, PPP
24.Getzlaf- G, A, PPP, SOG
25.Savard- A, PPP, G
26.Jokinen- G, SOG, PPP, A
27.Morrow- PIMs, G, A, PPP
28. Kovalev- A, PPP, G, +/-
29. Giguere- W, SV%, GAA, SO
30.D. Sedin- G, A, PPP, SOG
31.Chara- PIMs, G, A, PPP,+/-
32.Rafalski- PPP, +/-, A
33.Doan- A, G, PPP
34.Perry- G, A, PPP
35. Pronger- PIMs, G, A, PPP
36.Sellanne- G,A, PPP, SOG
37. Campbell- G, A, PPP
38.Stastny-(IP) G, A, PPP,SOG
39.Pominville- G, A, PPP, +/-
40.Green- G, PPP, A
41. Roy- G, A, PPP
42.Souray-(IP) G, PPP, A, PIMs
43.Ribeiro- A, PPP, G
44.Vanek- G,PPP, A,+/-
45. Boyes- G, PPP, A
46.Kane- G, A, PPP, SOG
47.H. Sedin- A, PPP
48.Toews-A, G, PPP, SOG
49.Holmstrom- G, PPP, A
50. Frolov- G, PPP, A

Honorable Mention- Mueller, Kaberle, Osgood, Turco, Fleury, Kiprusoff, E.Staal, Jovanovski, Kronwall, Briere, Lupul, Stamkos
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October 3, 2008 11:35 PM ET | Delete
I like your insight, I used this list as a reference during a draft i had on Yahoo and am really happy with the results.
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