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Perhaps this is a sign of things to come. Coming off a 3-0 shutout against the Senators on Sunday night, the Penguins' rookie camp rallied back to win 5-1 to take home the Kitchener Cup. Tally up two goals and an assist for Minnesota native Joe Jensen, scoring both within three minutes of one another.

John Curry had a shutout working for him, but with under 10 minutes left in the game Ilya Zubov put one in.

The most impressive thing in my eye throughout this series has been the number of shots the rooks have been able to put on. The other night, despite being shutout, they were able to unleash an assault of 35+ shots. Last night was no different, as they attacked with a force of 45 total shots compared to Ottawa's 20.

If John Curry ever had a chance to prove himself, this was it. Nearly walking away with a shutout, Curry has my pick as Ty Conklin's backup on Wilkes-Barre, edging out Brown in the process. However, Curry is a whopping one year older, so perhaps next year will favor better for Brown. (Please note sarcasm)

All in all, a great series. The Pens come home with their first cup of the season, but certainly not the last.
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