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"Leafs Win Leafs Win!"
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So I was on NHL.com (http://www.nhl.com/nhl/ap...page=NHLPage&id=12880)
today and noticed they had a link to all the milestones acheived this year such as 400,500 and 600 goal and 1500 points. So I watched all the goals and points on video and found a couple of interesting connections.

Sundin Scores his 500th against Calgary. Sackin scores his 600th against Calgary.
Bondra Scores his 500th against Toronto Sundins Team.
Shanahan Scores 600th against Washington, Sackick gets 1500th point against washington,Jagr gets 1500th point against washington.
Selanne gets his 500th against Colorado Burnaby Joe's team.
Recci scores 500th goal in Dallas arena. Modano scores 500th in Dallas aswell.

I thought it was quirky how alot of them were connected through certain teams.
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