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"Brisebois heading back to Montreal?!"
Montreal, QC • Canada •
Habs cap space inclusive of Ryder signing: 6.317 million. With Brisebois signed, they would still have roughly 5.6 million in space to use for a solid UFA. Dany Markov comes to mind. Possibly some really good forward.

*** Patrice Brisebois apparently very close to a deal with the habs. Some might even call it a done deal. It is believed that Bob Gainey has offered Brisebois' agent Don Meehan a one year 700,000$ deal and apparently there has been a counter offer. Meehan admits the habs are the only team giving his client offers right now. The ball now rests in Bob Gainey's court.

*** Michael Ryder (UFA) signs with the habs one day before the arbitration hearing. As a two time 30 goal scorer, fans were speculating Ryder could request somewhere in the vicinity of 4-5 million, a decent chunk out of the Montreal Canadiens salary cap space. Ryder signed for $2.95 Million, something many hockey fans do consider a home team discount. Ryder who has had three full seasons with the habs already is expected to not return after this season as he has only signed a one year deal.


Chris Higgins signs a 2yr 1.7million dollar deal. The first season is 1.5 million and the second is 1.9 million.

Mike Komisarek signs an identical deal as Higgins has.

Smolinski signs a 1 year 2 million dollar deal.

Hamrlik signs a 4 year 22 million dollar deal.
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