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Where's B.D.?

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When I logged onto Hockeybuzz this morning, I discovered that B.D. Gallof has been completely erased from this site. No more past blogs. Obviously, nothing new. No mention or explanation as to why B.D. and his many blogs have been erased off this site. B.D.'s entire presence has been erased.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out exactly what's going on here. This nonsense with B.D. creating an alternative identity and posting "offensive" materials about hockey "celebrities" has apparently cost B.D. his place as Islanders' Blogger on this site and as Chris Botta's fill-in on Point Blank.

Apparently, it has also cost us Isles' fans our blogger, and a place for Isles' fans to come to and get news on a team that is barely covered by the local media. It has also cost us a place to go and discuss our favorite team.

To be honest with everyone, I really didn't follow too much of what happened with B.D. I only read what others posted about it and what B.D. himself admitted to on his blog. I never went to the site that B.D.'s alternate ego posted on. All I know is, he posted some insults about some of hockey's "revered" figures and it "offended" people. To those who were offended, I say grow thicker skin. If you didn't like what you were reading, then don't read it. If you were worried about your kids reading it, try being a parent and monitor what your children do online. The fact that B.D. has been villified and apparenly banned from posting on this site because he made some off-color remarks about some of hockey's public figures is disgraceful.

B.D. is a fantastic blogger for this team. His posts are a pleasure to read each day and each one inspired great discussion about the team. I find it hard to believe that he has been banned from this site because of a moment of indiscretion. But apparently he has been. And that is a shame. Because the only ones who get screwed here are Isles' fans.
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